R12 Conference DVD - Because Jesus Lives We Live For Jesus

Featuring full presentations from all 8 speakers at the R12 conference, including audience Q&A and interviews!

On October 9-10 2012, Resurgence brought together eight leaders from a cross section of different ministry tribes to share crucial lessons on what Jesus had taught them over the course of their life and work. We packed over 100 years of ministry experience into one conference!


  • Mark Driscoll: The Four Points & We're Changed By Jesus
  • Greg Laurie: We Preach Jesus
  • Craig Groeschel: We Innovate for Jesus
  • Lecrae: We Engage Culture for Jesus
  • Nick Vujicic: We're Strong Through Jesus
  • Rick Warren: We Seek Influence For Jesus
  • Miles McPherson: We Serve The City For Jesus
  • James MacDonald: We Resource For Jesus
  • Dr. Justin Holcomb, Q&A & Interview Host
  • Bonus content: Mars Hill Music Sampler

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