Lost and Found Kids – Leader Guide

The Leader Guide contains Sunday lesson plans for group leaders for kids ages 4 and up as they follow along in the 4/5/6 Workbook and 7+ Workbook in the Lost and Found Kids curriculum.   

Free PDF of Lesson 1 in the material tab.

The complete curriculum includes the following materials, each broken down into 52 week-by-week lessons:

  • Leader Guide with Sunday lesson plans
  • Workbooks for each kid ages 4/5/6 and 7+ for hands-on engagement 
  • Family Guide for parents to follow up with each week at home

Lost and Found Kids is built around this simple truth: from creation to kingdom come, Jesus is the hero. Over the course of a year, children learn about the gospel of Jesus through the essential doctrines of the Bible. 

The curriculum offers age-appropriate lessons that are fun and approachable, with the aim to equip parents and church leaders to teach kids about Jesus Christ. Lost and Found Kids gets the whole church community involved, saturating kids with the love of Jesus and the truths of the Bible. As a result, children get excited about Jesus while families talk about him together throughout the week.

The complete curriculum can be purchased as a set with the Leaders Kit.

For discounted rates on bulk orders, email bookstore@theresurgence.com.

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